Jodie Davies-Thompson

Underwater hockey
I have been playing UWH for about 13 years. If you don't believe it exists, google it. Or better yet, watch this video. The sport is supposedly a non-contact sport, but in reality it involves a lot of knuckle-bashing, getting winded underwater, and being sliced by stray fins; however this is by far the best and most addictive sport I have played, and beats the adrenaline rush from skydiving. I have played for Bangor (North Wales), York (England), Vancouver (Canada), and Nottingham (England), and have been involved in getting clubs set up including York Juniors for 6-16yr olds.

In 2008, I undertook a freediving course. In a nutshell, this is scuba diving without the oxygen tank. Although I occasionally enjoy pushing myself to the limit, I mostly use the techniques to get the most out of the underwater world. Below are some photos of the places I have been luckily enough to explore, including Israel, Egypt, Hawaii, and the Maldives.


I'm a big fan of forensics and true-crime. Other more 'academic' books I have found to be very good include:

"Black Box Thinking" by Matthew Syed. Explains how people get stuck into one way of thinking, and why it is so difficult to change your beliefs.

"Right Hand, Left Hand" by Chris McManus. Explains many of the biases between left and right from a range of perspectives, including religion, death, building, and the human body.

"The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. Explains how "little things can make a big difference". For example, why Paul Revere was so successfull, and the theory of six degrees of seperation. If you like the idea of chaos theory, you'll probably like this.

"Peoplewatching" by Desmond Morris. Describes visual gestures and signals, their origins, and why they are useful.

black box thinking book

Occasionally I dabble in other things. I have a strong interest in Deaf culture, and am a keen learner of Sign Language. Lastly, I am a strong advocate of organ donation and giving blood. It saves lives. In fact, one organ donation can save 8 lives, and can help someone see again. Here's an amazing article about how Brazil has cut their organ donation list to 0.